Review: Stepford Wives debut single Follow This Way. Released on 23rd March 2019.April 11, 2019

Stepford Wives are a four-piece indie rock sensation from Saddleworth, Manchester. The band members are Niklos (guitar and vocals, Rowan (bass), Jarrod (Drums) and Dom (guitar). Formed in 2018 Follow This Way is their debut single released on 23rd March 2019.

Opening with heavy grungy bleeding guitars, twisted with a silken and smooth rock vibe. Jarrod sweeps in with the drums, the energetic beat running at full throttle, taking on the dirty guitar riffs. Music to your ears.

Niklos’s vocals are deep and dark, moulding a cloud of menace. The lyrics hard and bleak adding an additional level of elegance to the mood. The chorus blasts in, vocals rising, guitars and drums in hot pursuit, racing through the streets of a town called indie rock.

The drums and bass perfectly executed, holding this fast-paced track together as the guitars fight for complete freedom. Mid-point the instruments take their own place, a glorious thrashing guitar screaming, smashing drums and a thumping bass. Soft vocals interrupting with an undertone of submission, as the guitars and drums circle like wolves.

Ending the track with an indie rock collaboration, in your face, punching hard, guitars shouting. Awesome.

Stepford Wives will be making their live debut on April 19th at Club Academy in Manchester, supporting The Siennas with The Outlines and Rundown. Tickets are available at

Follow This Way is a fantastic debut single, full of energy and all that is awesome in the indie rock world. Niklos, Rowan, Jarrod and Dom coming from the Manchester area are continuing the long line of musical geniuses that Manchester gives us. I love the track it doesn’t take prisoners, and leaves you with an urge to play it again. If you are in Manchester go and see their first live gig, if you don’t you are missing the chance to see these new talents in the world of unsigned and emerging artists.


Facebook: @StepfordWivesBand
Twitter: @stepfordwivesuk
Instagram: stepfordwivesband

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