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Lockdown Sessions 6 - Dutch Criminal Record Interview - 28th May 2020

Lockdown Sessions 5 - Tiger Mimic Interview - 21st May 2020

Lockdown Sessions 4 - 14th May 2020

Lockdown Sessions #3 - 7th May 2020

DJ Charli - Full Mix - Soulful House Mix - 7th May 2020

Full Interview with Mark Davyd/Music Venue Trust for #SaveOur Venues Campaign

Lockdown Sessions #2 - Music Venue Trust Interview - 30th April 2020

Lockdown Sessions #1 - 23rd April 2020

The Self Isolation Sessions - 19th March 2020

Fullmarx - 12th March 2020

DJ Charli - FULL MIX - Soulful House Mix

Dead Dads Club - 5th March 2020

The Trusted - 27th Feb. 2020

Black Dog Collective - 13th Feb. 2020

Deanna Wheeler - 6th Feb. 2020

Change Persona - 30th Jan. 2020

The Grand Nowhere - 23rd Jan. 2020

Queensway & Zooberon/DDP Festival - 16th Jan. 2020

Koala Club - 9th Jan. 2020

DJ Parry - FULL MIX - Exclusive House Mix - 9th Jan. 2020

Top 20 Tunes of 2019 - 2nd Jan. 2020

XMAS SPECIAL - Slackrr - 19th December 2019

Frank Greene Band - 12th December 2019

Gulls - 5th December 2019

DJ Charli - FULL MIX - Soulful Disco House Mix - 5th December 2019

Doctor Gonzo (28th November 2019)

25ThC of Original Forty Fivers (7x7 Male Vocalist Mix)

The Grand Nowhere (21st November 2019)

The Hats, Evelyn Cormier and Justin Cohn (14th November 2019)

26th Avenue (7th November 2019)

JCK (31st October 2019)

The Taboos (17th Ocotober 2019)

Meg Lawrenson (10th October 2019)

No Live Guest just top tunes (3rd October 2019)

DJ Parry - Gina's Mix (24th September 2019) - FULL MIX

Kev Minney & Steph Brown (24th September 2019)

Phoebe Coco (17th September 2019)

Wild Horse & Off The Record Festival (3rd September 2019)

Sammie Hall (27th August 2019)

XOXO (20th August 2019)

Freddie Marlow (6th August 2019)

Dead Dads Club (30th July 2019)

DJ Charli - FULL EXCLUSIVE MIX - Disco House (23rd July 2019)

Pickpockets (23rd July 2019)

Eastwood's Eye (16th July 2019)

Grace and Danger (9th July 2019)

TDK (2nd July 2019)

DJ Parry - Full Mix - EXCLUSIVE SHOW MIX - House Music

Mountfield & The Grand Nowhere (18th June 2019)

Taxi Joe (11th June 2019)

Off The Record Festival (4th June 2019)

DJ Parry - Full Exclusive Minimix - House Mix

Beacon (28th May 2019)

25ThC - Original Forty Fivers - Mr Bongo Mix - 7x7 Series

40 Shillings on The Drum (21st May 2019)

DJ Charli - FULL MIX - Disco House

MANTRAS (14th May 2019)

The Dirty Cassettes (30th April 2019)

Cascade (16th April 2019)

Charlie Hula (9th April 2019)

DJ Parry - Full Mix (9th April 2019)

Moonlight Parade (2nd April 2019)

Dan Cox & The Blackbirds (26th March 2019)

Sam Tier (19th March 2019)

Meta-Cassette (12th March 2019)

Modern Age Music Pre- South Coast Tour warm up Feat. Alibi & Costellos (5th March)

Suncharmer (26th February 2019)

Elephant Radio (19th February 2019)

DJ Charli - Full Mix - Disco House (19th Feb. 2019)

Broken Bear (12th February 2019)

Original Forty Fivers - 7x7 Series - Mukatsuku Mix

Hybrid Kid (5th February 2019)

Smiley & The Underclass (29th January 2019)

Bexatron (15th January 2019)

Across The Sea (8th January 2019)

Local Artsits Showcase (1st January 2019) New Years Day Special

40 Shillings on The Drum (18th December) Xmas Special

Pebbles Reviews (11th December)

Chloe Leigh (27th November)

The Isle of CC (20th November)

Methods (13th November)

1 in Five & Off The Record Festival (6th November)

Taxi Joe (30th October)

Wolf Gap Road (23rd October)

DJ Charli - FULL MIX (23rd October)

Meg Lawrenson (16th October)

Hydrocele (9th October)

Drusila (2nd October)

The Frank Greene Band (25th September)

Madelyn Soul Band & Special Guests (18th September)

Rocking Horse Music Club (11th September)

The Equatorial Group (21st August)

Dandelion Charm (14th August)

Charli DJ - FULL MIX (7th August)

Dirty Orange (7th August)

DJ Jay Beats - FULL MIX (31st July)

IAMWARFACE (31st July)

DJ Zakky B -FULL MIX (24th July)

Donny Stax & Jovivaa (24th July)

Sussex Music Festival & Free Recovery (17th July)

Chris Reardon (10th July)

Springhill - Full Live Session (3rd July)

Springhill (3rd July)

Chalk Horse Music (26th June)

Seamus White (19th June)

The Gallerys - Full Live Session (12th June)

The Gallerys (12th June)

Ragweed (5th June)

Wild Horse (29th May) - First FM Show

Remayn (22nd May)

AMBR (15th May)

Dan Cox & The Blackbirds (8th May)

Dirty Weekend (1st May)

DUBious Roots (24th April)

Richie Lambert (17th April)

Divisionists & Original Forty Fivers (3rd April 2018)

In Deed (27th March 2018)

40 Shillings on the Drum (13th March 2018)

Luna Blue (6th March 2018)

Across The Sea (27th February 2018)

Katie Kittermaster (20th February 2018)

Dove House (13th February 2018)

Matt Murphy (6th February 2018)

Jack Buster Weston (30th January 2018)

Of Empires (23rd January 2018)

Annika Brown & Johnny Summers (16th January 2018)

Tigers & Flies (9th January 2018)