NEW SINGLE REVIEW – Indigo Riot – Barbarella Psychadella – Released 15th May 2020 – A powerhouse of psychedelic punk with a dark twist

May 30, 2020

Indigo Riot hit the floor running in 2019, a powerhouse of psychedelic punk with a dark twist that comes from deep within the early 80s. We saw Indigo Riot in January 2020 at the Latest Music Bar in Brighton. I was mesmerised by the end of the first track. Guitar with lead vocal, bass with […]

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New Single – Drusila – KLU – Released 22nd May 2020 – Indie Electronica with 80’s Synth Infused Dance

May 23, 2020

Drusila are an electronic synth driven duo from Portsmouth. Forming in 2018 George and Hugo hit the south coast scene with their 80s infused dance and hip-hop tracks. With a long list of gigs under their belts, this pair have certainly worked hard to promote their sound and perfect their live performances. We have seen […]

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EP Review – The Avenues – What Happened In The Pink Room?

May 19, 2020

What Happened In The Pink Room? is the first EP from this four piece indie band from Hull, The Avenues.. Forming in 2017, Tom – Guitar/Vocals, Ollie – Guitar/Vocals, Joe – Bass and Adam – Drums, hit the northern indie scene with a shock wave of catchy riffs, hard hitting lyrics and a massive dose […]

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New Single Review – Grace and Danger – Play With Me – Due 12th June 2020

May 16, 2020

Grace and Danger formed in 2016 exploding on to the scene, dubbed as the new blood in the UK’s blues rock scene, a very cool accolade. A four piece from Eastbourne, Rory – Guitar/Vocals, Aiden – Drums, Tom Keys and Gary – Bass. Having built up a devoted following in the South Coast scene these […]

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NEW SINGLE – JCK – Stranger To Call – Due 8th May 2020

May 02, 2020

JCK jumped into the grass roots music scene in 2019 bringing their energetic funky indie sound. Pulling in audiences from the off with live shows that are a must to be part of, JCK certainly cemented their presence on the scene. Gurus of social media with enthusiasm in bucket loads these lads are one of […]

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Album Review: The Pondarosa Glee Boys – Awake – An album for a generation, ready for a music revolution

February 16, 2020

When you think of bands founded in 1978 your mind visualises the punk rock scene that led to the heavy indie we love today. Old school pioneers of a pre-indie era that got forgotten in the wave of insidious pop, and relentless monotone ballads. However, it’s not that I long to go back to a […]

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