Review: Review New Single: I Tried by Naipia ReleaseMarch 22, 2019

Naipia are a pop-rock band from the Brighton area. Their music is infused with all other genre’s and I Tried is no different. I Tried is released on 22nd March 2019.

I Tried is full of stunning vocals harmonising in the chorus with the guitars. Sad yet punchy lyrics, full of passion. George Dewhurst’s vocal style is hypnotic and pulls you in to the story. The guitars blend with the vocals with a grungy medley, hanging back and then erupting forward. Guitar solos mixing with drums and bass.

This is another awesome track by George, Matt Leppenwell (Drums) and Harry Dewhurst (Bass). These guys know how to put a track together, and their passion for their music and talent shines through in I Tried. Have a listen on Spotify and check out their other awesome tracks. They are on my playlist.

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