Review: Costellos debut self-titled EP release date 12th April 2019March 28, 2019

Costellos are a four-piece indie rock sensation from Southampton. Formed in 2016, Costellos have caught the attention of gig goers and promoters with their high energy live performances and anthem tracks.

A classic four-piece line up, George Dummett (Vocals/Lead Guitar), Keiren Pearce (Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals), Kieran Wilson (Bass) and Tomi Lewis (Drums) making their sound a full indie extravaganza.

Working hard on the gig circuit Costellos are now due to release their self-titled debut EP on the 12th April, a much-awaited release by their increasing number of fans and followers.

Kicking the EP off with Caller ID, a drum beat and guitar solo, what a start. Grungy dirty guitars echo through this track. Heavy riffs striking a rocky indie chord. Georges vocals cruel and heartless with a menace that mirrors the dark treacherous guitars. Anthem lyrics punching the air with a first of glory. The bass takes the spotlight half way through driving the track back into the heavy drums and guitars, the vocals cutting through. Awesome.

Following the kicking first track Caller ID, is Tenner In The Tank. I love this track, I’ve seen Costellos live and Tenner In The Tank is always a crowd pleaser. The Costellos click into indie mode with this energetic and catchy drum and vocals driven track. The lyrics are hard hitting, and Georges vocals brilliantly absent of any emotion in this fast paced and emotive melody. An indie sensation full of the stuff Costellos are made of.

Anthem alert! Get Me Out of Here has all the class and songwriting precision of any big indie anthem. Gorgeous guitars glide their way through the melodic vocals, singing along, harmonizing, stepping back to allow the vocals to push through. Cymbals crash, bass gently pushing, mirroring the drums and blending with the guitars. This is truly a masterpiece of everything that is indie. Get Me Out of Here crescendos just when you through it couldn’t get any better, it reaches out, roughs you up and tussles with your ears. Awesome!

Finishing with Out Of The Blue with its gentle start, erupting into a medley of Georges trade mark punchy vocals. Backing vocals cleverly echoing, giving a new dimension. Out Of The Blue is so beautifully timed, the drums holding tight reigns, stunning guitar riffs oozing melody, with a generous twist of what can only be proclaimed as true raw talent. Out of the Blue finishes the EP on a stratospheric cosmic indie high. It doesn’t get much better than this!

Costellos have gigged in Southampton, Portsmouth and London over the last year and took part in the South Coast Tour promoted by Modern Age Music. Performing over 5 nights in 5 venues along the south coast, headlining in Southampton’s Heart Breakers Bar ending with a finale at Blackmarket VIP in Hastings.

Future gigs include Edge of the Wedge in Porstmouth on 24th April, and Crib Fest in Darlington on 18th May. Details can be found on FaceBook@costellosofficial.

If indie is your passion, if guitars do it for you, or you are sucker for in your face lyrics that are delivered with a cool undertone of rebellion, then Costellos tick your boxes. Like an Anthem, like it loud and catchy then Costellos should be top of your playlist. If you like it live then we will definitely see you at the next gig.

But let’s not put Costellos in a box. They are unique and talented songwriters with a passion for their music that shines through in bundles. This debut EP is a collection of awesome indie melodies full of guitars, drums, bass and well written lyrics presented in George’s cool style. Costellos stand out in the crowd, and have an enviable talent that’s turning heads and packing out venues. This self-titled EP I’m sure is the first of many great future singles, EPs and albums. Get to one of their gigs or add them to your playlist, turn up the volume and be prepared for the best indie sound you’ve heard in years.

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