Review: Pickpockets debut single Breaking Point to be released on April 26th 2019April 19, 2019

Laurie McMahon (vocals & guitar), Mathew Cruise (lead guitar), Maya McCathie (drums) and Em Lodge (bass) are the Brighton based indie punk rock band Pickpockets. Formed in 2018 Pickpockts have spent time gigging locally, in London and Bristol. Their fast-passed indie punk vibe causing a riot in the unsigned music scene.

Pickpockets are due to release their debut single Breaking Point on April the 26th. You will not be disappointed.

Opening with a perfect bass line followed by racing guitars and a dose of Prozac. World wake up and smell the coffee. What an entrance, the guitars playing with each other, a rumbling bass and punch driven drums. The guitars twist effortlessly between centre stage and background grunge, awesome. Taking no prisoners and blasting the mundane apart with glorious punk infused energy.

Laurie’s vocals smooth and blunt, spiked with vodka whilst sucking a lime, the more you do it the more you like it. Breaking Point oozes a stylized punk indie rock for the new music age. Perfectly punk, indigenous indie wrapped up in an undertone of rock and roll, as the guitars wrap around the vocals with menace. I love it.

Pickpockets are playing at the Brighton Fringe on 14th May and on 27th April at Leaf Hall with BlackRock Music Promotions. Having created a riot in the local scene these guys are a must see. Energetic punk, what more could you want. To be honest words can’t capture how fantastic this debut track is, get off your sofa and go see them live.


Facebook: @PickpocketsMusic
Instagram: pickpocketspickpockets

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