Review: Nova – Aurora – Single Review – Indie Rock band hailing from South YorkshireApril 21, 2021

Nova are four lads from South Yorkshire playing heavy indie rock. New to the block, Aurora is the first release from the band. It’s filled with the fire that draws in audiences from the indie and rock scene alike.

Starting with a bass and drum duo, in kicks rock, unashamed and in your face. A lone electric guitar moves into the scene grungy and full of dirty riffs. The tempo changes and in come the vocals clean and precocious joining the drums, the driving force, smashing through the track. The chorus is a melting pot of glorious indie magic, vocals melting into the guitars whilst the bass and drums push back to the fast-paced verses.

Aurora weaves its way through the indie rock highway, tail lights thundering into the distance. The mid track guitar solo crescendos, still grungy and full of the dirty stuff that makes a great indie rock track, ‘the show must go on’, and you want it too. The vocals are awesome, full of fireworks with a definite gravelly undertone which raises the vocals to a different level. Lyrics cleverly delivered and manipulated to equal the indie rock guitars and rock fighting drums.

Its hard to believe this is Nova’s first track. It has got the making of an anthem stamped on it already, put together by four talented lads who have a passion for indie rock, and it certainly shows. Well produced and mastered Aurora is a homage to everything that is good and great about the indie rock scene that we all love so much.

I am looking forward to their next release Supernova on 7th May, and seeing these guys live in the future. If you are lucky enough to live in the Yorkshire area you are in for a real treat when we open to live music again. Check these guys out on the social and give them a like. Aurora will be the first of many indie rock gems from Nova, they are a band to watch.


Facebook: @NOVAofficialbandpage
Twitter: @Nova_SoundUk
Instagram: nova_sounduk

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