Review: New single Shudder by Come At The King released 29th March 2019April 05, 2019

Come At The King are three guys from London; Cal, Lawrence and Max. Forming in 2018 they take their musical influences from The Black Keys and The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and bring their heavy rock and roll style to audiences in the London area.

Following in the awesome footsteps of their last track Mind Sweep, Shudder is another heavy and deliciously brutal rock track. The guitars are heavy and grungy with an elegant edge of rock entwined in the strings. Turning to a pure rock sensation in the chorus. The guitars toy with the track and turn the melody wheels with elegant ease. The drums bleeding into the guitar, announcing their presence.

The vocals are moody and have a darkness entrapped in the lyrics. The chorus is mesmerising in its crescendo, with brutal undertones that stir even the emotionless soul from the bleakness. Ending the track with a battle between guitar and vocals for supremacy, neither winning, neither loosing.

Come At The King have been gigging relentlessly this year with future gigs at The Venue in London promoted by Modern Age Music on 12th April. Followed by HOT VOX presents at the Hoxton Square Bar in London on 3rd May. Check out their FaceBook for future dates. These guys are a must-see live band and have caused a stir on the London circuit.

I love this track. Its full of all the best bits of the dark side of rock and roll that I love. The guitars are awesome, the drums omnipresent, the vocals brutal the lyrics full of the fighting emotion of a broken man punching out at the world. You must listen to this. You must add it to your playlist. Enjoy, it will awaken your soul.


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