Review: NEW SINGLE REVIEW – Indigo Riot – Barbarella Psychadella – Released 15th May 2020 – A powerhouse of psychedelic punk with a dark twistMay 30, 2020

Indigo Riot hit the floor running in 2019, a powerhouse of psychedelic punk with a dark twist that comes from deep within the early 80s. We saw Indigo Riot in January 2020 at the Latest Music Bar in Brighton. I was mesmerised by the end of the first track. Guitar with lead vocal, bass with vocals and a cool female drummer sporting a Stone Roses T-shirt. They looked the part, sounded the part, and held the audience in a fine bony grip that weaved around the crowd. All eyes fixed at the stage as Indigo Riot hypnotised with their punk driven psychedelic and raw darkness.

Barbarella Psychedella is Indigo Riots new release. Starting with a thrashing punk guitar the track lures in the ears with the promise of a tequila slammer with added lemon, and there is no disappointment. The drums kick in followed by smooth vocals with the thrashing guitars filling the track layering sounds with a wave of awesome rawness. The vocal harmonies leading to a shift in tempo and the guitar takes a back step as the track rides a smoother vibe accompanying the stunning vocals.

Effortlessly switching between the raw guitar driven chorus into the smooth rippled verses, the vocals moving between lyrics written in dedication to this iconic siren, they are so fitting with a mood in the track that matches perfectly. I love the way the track almost swings with motion, as it dips in waves but is intrinsically injected with punk, indie and psychedelic madness repelling any notion of conformity. It also has an energetic rawness that cuts beautifully through any producing keeping the essence of the band. Barbarella Psychedella is a great track with all the trappings of being a track to remember with its carousel of all that is Indie and punk with the new wave of psychedelia thrown in, a sound that is fresh and emerging at the moment. I modern twist on the early 80s anthems that we all love.

Indigo Riot have gigged around the Brighton scene and bring fans and super fans to each gig, drawing in an alternative crowd of all genres and ages. Indigo Riot have an EP Project 33 released on 14th March 2020, its worth a listen and is 9 tracks of Indigo Riot uniqueness and energy. Indigo Riot have a different sound and vibe with a mesmerising stage presence. They are a relatively new band so go and like their social pages and when we are all back, go and see them live. See you there.

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