Review: New Single Review – Grace and Danger – Play With Me – Due 12th June 2020May 16, 2020

Grace and Danger formed in 2016 exploding on to the scene, dubbed as the new blood in the UK’s blues rock scene, a very cool accolade. A four piece from Eastbourne, Rory – Guitar/Vocals, Aiden – Drums, Tom Keys and Gary – Bass. Having built up a devoted following in the South Coast scene these guys have gone on to play gigs UK wide, including iconic venues such as The Forum (Tunbridge Wells) and The Clutha (Glasgow) increasing their fanbase over the whole of the UK.

Their awesome live performances pull in audiences, and if you are booked in to see a Grace and Danger gig you are in for a treat. Music to dance and writhe too, sexy riffs and deep vocals with that blues twist that adds dimension to their rock sound. The closer to the stage you are the better it is, as these rock guitars are best heard load and live.

Play With Me is the first single to be released (12th June) from Grace and Dangers’ up and coming album. Starting the track with a back-beat drum pounding the skins followed by a deep rock blues driven bass, bringing your ears to the speakers in the first few bars. In come the keys and the singing guitar, tempo building to a crescendo as the vocals smash their way through the intro.

The vocals, a rock bar fight with blues undertone running through them, mirroring the drums and tempo of the track, fantastic! The chorus unashamedly rock, rock, rock. Why wouldn’t you want to play if it sounds this good? The deep bass holds the track together whilst the drums play with beats, the keys giving dimension to the track, the guitar, and vocals effortlessly smooth in their delivery.

What I love about this track is the musicality, how the layers of sound work to promote each other with the vocals the chocolate chips in the cookie. You cannot help but be pulled into the myriad layers of this rock blues infusion. The glorious guitar solo in the second half of the track cements the mood, followed by a clever stripping back allowing the vocals to stand on their own becoming frenzied as the track comes to an end, the cookie gets smothered in blues again.

This track is full of surprises and doesn’t disappoint. From the deep bass to the tempo driven vocals there are layers of sound that change every time you play the track, awesome. Performed with an obvious love of their music these guys are ones to listen to. Play With Me is due to be released on 12th June. Go and have a listen and when you can, see Grace and Danger live it’s a great night out.


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