Review: NEW SINGLE – JCK – Stranger To Call – Due 8th May 2020May 02, 2020

JCK jumped into the grass roots music scene in 2019 bringing their energetic funky indie sound. Pulling in audiences from the off with live shows that are a must to be part of, JCK certainly cemented their presence on the scene. Gurus of social media with enthusiasm in bucket loads these lads are one of the hardest working of bands, even down to doing a 5k sponsored run for the NHS in binbags!!

Stranger to Call is JCKs new release (release date 8th May) from their debut EP. There is a week of online fun and games leading up to the release date, including a competition give away, check their Facebook page for this week’s events, there is something for everyone. On the release date the band will be joining Mark Stack from ‘Afternoon Tea at 4’ and tonight (Saturday) they will be a live stream Call of Duty tournament. This Thursday, the track will have its exclusive first radio play on The Premium Blend Radio Show airing from 8pm. Check the social media links below.

JCK are Jack and Harrison, a duo whose sound likens to that of a four-piece band at maximum output. After working hard to perfect their sound, Stranger to Call is certainly a move in the right direction standing out in the queue of new unsigned music.

Starting Stranger to Call with a twitchy guitar, cymbals crashing and full on drums the track opens with a wake-up call oozing swiftly into an ear worm. The chatty guitar leads into honest vocals that punch through the background of drums. I love the way the vocals rise and fall around the music with a slight ‘had a late-night husky undertone’ that makes you wish you had been there too.

The chorus harmonies fill the air waves the tempo increasing, the drums pound their perfect beat holding the sides together, keeping the zipper tight. Coming out of the chorus I love the unashamedly raw, with no added sugar percussion that is handcuffed to a freight train travelling at top speed. The paralleled harmonies of the indie chorus contrast perfectly to the verses that slam a slice of funky-punk indie into the mix. Its like a tequila slammer, a wonderful mix of salt, lemon, and warm alcohol, JCK hit the right mix.

Finishing with a crescendo of indie guitars, drums, and fluid unique vocals I find myself rewinding the track to listen again. Second time round there are so many musical genius moments I missed. Stranger to Call is fast moving, an anthem in the making but most definitely a dance till you drop track. The guitars are driven, the drums marching and the vocals addictive. Line up the tequila slammers and party with JCK, you won’t be disappointed.


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