Review: New Single – Drusila – KLU – Released 22nd May 2020 – Indie Electronica with 80’s Synth Infused DanceMay 23, 2020

Drusila are an electronic synth driven duo from Portsmouth. Forming in 2018 George and Hugo hit the south coast scene with their 80s infused dance and hip-hop tracks. With a long list of gigs under their belts, this pair have certainly worked hard to promote their sound and perfect their live performances.

We have seen Drusila live several times and they just get better and better. The enigmatic front man George pulls out all the stops, and live they are fascinating to both watch and listen to. Live performances are full of high energy, audiences’ dance and you can’t help but feel at one with the universe, as a whole plethora of high energy ear worms fill the room. Drusila give us a unique twist on 80s driven synth with new and fresh electronica mixed in.

KLU, released on 22nd May, is the next track in their catalogue of earworm gems. From the off it has dance, trance and synth written all over it with a deep sound that resonates through the speakers. Georges voice oozes into the mix with Hugo touching his drums with gentle expertise. The drums are a clever element to their music. Drusila use a drum kit that gives their tracks a fantastic different sound to other similar bands. It gives their tracks further depth and multiple layers.

I love the way the track stripes back with a soft whirling that erupts into a full-blown drum driven dance mix, fucking awesome! Close your eyes and immerse yourself in the swimming pool of layers around you, feel the beat rip through your ears: I can see myself dancing in my head, moving around the floor as the sound waves bounce off the walls.

KLU does not have a genre, it’s a myriad of sound and motion wrapped in a silk scarf, smooth and extravagant. The track rises and falls as it makes its journey through the dance, trance, and electronica driven synth style, yet dipping subtlety into an indie sound full of drums and beats. Who needs a label when it sounds this good?

Drusila have a large back catalogue of outstanding tracks. We first saw Drusila back in October 2018 and their sound has changed and grown with each live performance and studio track. They have worked tirelessly gigging and writing, and it has certainly paid off. KLU is a track full of Drusilas’ unique and mesmerising layer cake of sounds. One to play straight into your head through your earphones no need for a middleman. I can’t wait to see them live again and if KLU is anything to go by so will all of you.


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