Review: NEW SINGLE – Contraband by Dali, released on the 13th May 2019May 18, 2019

Dali are a four-piece alternative grunge rock band from Southampton. Formed in 2018 they have had a busy year gigging in Southampton, London and Brighton cementing their live rock performances in sold out venues. A definite one to see live, full of energy and passion for rock.

Contraband is a follow on from their last single Sedative. Contraband takes no prisoners. Its rock from the first beat. A grunge guitar in the background launching into a loud front line of thumping rock riffs. Drums bashing out the beat holding perfect time with guitars and vocals.

Contraband vocals are dirty and raw chased by the drumbeat, erupting into a chorus of pure rock awesomeness, harder faster more. Pushing boundaries and laying down the law, guitars scream in defiance. The track moves into a grungy mood with echo vocals rich with a youthful defiance. Guitars taking the centre stage with a solo that moulds man and machine together to create a perfect harmony, as the grunge guitar pushes through. Fantastic!

Check out the band’s socials at @wearedali to see future gigs, radio plays and promotions. These guys play it hard and fast and are one to see live. Jump on the grunge rock band wagon and enjoy the ride.


Facebook: @WeAreDali
Twitter: @WeAreDali
Instagram: DaliBandUK

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