Review: New Single: Cloud 9 by Moth – Released on 12th April 2019April 15, 2019

Moth are a five-piece indie rock band from Brighton. Moth add a twist of reggae and psychedelia to their tracks which add a unique edge to their sound.

Founded in May 2017 they have gigged in their home town of Brighton where the unsigned music scene is alive and kicking, and have made an impact on the new music scene. Having seen them recently at The Haunt in Brighton, their live shows are full of energy giving them the kudos of a loyal following.

Moth are Joel Robertson (Guitar/Vox), Ginge Caselton (Bass/Vox), Jaz Stickland (Guitar/Vox), Fraser Launchbury (Sax) and Matt Perry (Drums).

Cloud 9 doesn’t fit in one box. Opening with a lone drum beat and tambourine, followed by a smooth guitar and sax. Vocals sweeping in, twisted in the melody a cool entrance. Erupting into a banging chorus full of indie guitars and harmonies, the guitars going from smooth to indie rock magic and the vocals joining in the indie fun.

I love the sax it adds a unique elegance to Cloud 9 and mixes perfectly with vocals and guitars, yet stands out in its own right as an integral major player in Moth’s stunning unique sound. This is a crowd pleaser track, hear it once and it’s so catchy you will be singing along. Ending the track with that glorious sax, these guys have created that indie sound mixing different blends of what is best in music.

Having gigged relentlessly over the past few months, Moth are releasing Cloud 9 a follow on from their single Thirst released last November. Their followers have been waiting for their new release and were stunned to hear it live at The Haunt on the 23rd March.

Check out their socials for future gigs and add their new single to your playlist from the 12th April, you won’t be disappointed. You can also hear the track played on this weeks show.


Facebook: @MothBandUK
Instagram: Mothbandofficial

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