Review: Indie Rock with a twist of Indie Punk, it’s Pickpockets new single Rude – Released 5th July 2019July 06, 2019

Pickpockets are a 4-piece indie punk rock band from Brighton. Lauire McMahon (vocals and guitar), Mathew Cruise (lead guitar), Maya McCathie (drums) and Em Lodge (bass). Erupting onto the Brighton new music scene, Pickpockets have Brighton running through their veins.

Rude is Pickpockets latest single released on 5th July. It’s a track riddled with multiple genres pulling them together in tight unison. A thumping drum with naked vocals and a bass line erupts into full indie guitars that grunge with punk infusion. The vocals are cold and blunt giving the lyrics the right drop back. The lyrics written with due observation depicting a modern-day scenario. I love the calmness of Laurie’s vocals and the fantastic bass line that rumbles around the track.

The chorus raises the tempo stitching together the bass line with banging drums and hard guitar, all the time the cool vocal style meanders effortlessly through the musicality. An element of rock sweeps in through the track and the sound increases 10-fold with rock guitar gelling with indie drums. Slowing back to the naked sounding vocals oozing harmonies and leashed guitars a drumbeat moving the momentum. Finishing with a brazen crescendo of the melting pot of awesome sounds that Pickpockets have. Beyond indie punk rock held together with a medley of genres. Outstanding.

This year Pickpockets have been gigging in Brighton, London and Bristol. Having seen them live myself they are a very watchable band with stage presence and audience appeal. They have a unique line up which adds to the visual appeal of this cool Brighton band. Their next gig is at the Mesmerist in Brighton on 24th July promoted by Screw Loose Bookings. They are one to watch. Rude is their stunning new single that captures all the bits of indie punk rock us musos like. Go see them live and check out their socials.


Facebook: @PickpocketsMusic
Twitter: @_pickpockets_
Instagram: pickpocketspickpockets
Spotify: Pickpockets

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