Review: EP Review – The Avenues – What Happened In The Pink Room?May 19, 2020

What Happened In The Pink Room? is the first EP from this four piece indie band from Hull, The Avenues.. Forming in 2017, Tom – Guitar/Vocals, Ollie – Guitar/Vocals, Joe – Bass and Adam – Drums, hit the northern indie scene with a shock wave of catchy riffs, hard hitting lyrics and a massive dose of home-grown talent.

Influenced by the reignited indie boom in the 2000s, The Avenues have worked hard to tailor their sound and perfect their live performances. Gigging in Hull, Liverpool, Sheffield, and Leeds, plus playing at the iconic Jimmy’s in Manchester last year and regulars at The New Adelphi Club in Hull. The Avenues are capturing the heart of their northern fans who are the envy of indie fans south of Sheffield.

What Happened In The Pink Room? is a 5 track EP full of indie gems, guitar riffs and banging drums. Kicking off with Boredom, a guitar intro leading to a instrumental as the drums, bass and guitars shake the speakers. The vocals full of passion with a ‘fuck off’ attitude. Honest yet full of brash reality. The indie riffs wrapping round them with a fluidness, filled with the sparkle that true indie guitars give a track. A racing drum battles through, plus the bass with its deep almost melodic sound oozes in the background. The track crescendos and then cleverly falls back, allowing each layer to push through. The tempo fast and furious. What a starter!

We have all been here with the track O.S.T.M, it’s a snapshot of all our lives, the lyrics uncompromising and unforgiving. I love the way the track starts calmly with the line; “I feel like I’ve just been run over for the second time this week”. The guitars gently moving the track forward, the drums holding back for the explosion into the chorus. What a fusion of indie fireworks with an awesome dose of punchy drums and vocals. The guitars truly sing, sweeping around the vocals in layers and layers of sweet indie icing. Not to miss the lyrics which are moving and if you scratch the surface, it’s most definitely a love song of sorts, but more importantly an anthem from this talented four. Its difficult to have a favourite as all the tracks on this EP are fantastic, but O.S.T.M does it for me. It rocks like a rock track but is gloriously indie in every way.

The energy in each track is amazing and Haven’t Got a Prayer, is no exception. From the off this track kicks back. It’s one to dance to as well, it’s a fast-paced high impact indie workout. I bow down to the stunning guitar solos that are rich in traditional riffs, yet so fresh in their ensemble, it works. If you want one to pump your fist too then this is it. The vocals almost shouting their demise with determination that everyone should hear. The drums take the forefront with double beats and tempo changes. I love the drum and vocals duet halfway through the track. A single beat against hard vocals, awesome! Guitars gingerly joining in, it’s stripped back genius in a track loaded with energy. Finishing the track with a loud and abrupt cut off, fitting the mood of the track perfectly.

There are 2 further tracks on the EP Out Of Shape and She Still Won’t Love You Tomorrow. Out Of Shape has an undertone of ska in parts, and vocally the most melodic on the EP. Again, the lyrics shine out and the band certainly show themselves as wordsmiths in this track. Its that ability to say it as it is, yet gently telling you about it. The fast instrumental between chorus and verse are full of ska elements and bond with the picking guitars and story lyrics. For me, this track shows another element to the band’s portfolio. Mixing genres with no obvious seams.

She Still Won’t Love You Tomorrow is definitely a love song. The acoustic guitar weaves amongst the vocals which are full of sadness and passion. Beautifully simple in its delivery, yet with as much impact as the electric driven master pieces on this EP. The vocals are truly wonderful, with nowhere to hide they stand with a frank honesty, I love it. The acoustic guitar gentle and uncomplicated played with a tempered and thoughtful hand. A fitting way to finish this multi-faceted EP.

What Happened In The Pink Room? has to be listened to from beginning to end. The tracks carve a story as they journey through the EP. Perfectly placed to take you through the emotions and tribulations of youth and life. Full blown indie that rocks, to ska entwined gems and an acoustic love song. The Avenues are four talented young men who shine with their passion and drive for their music. I never thought I would here the line: stick to the wall like Velcro in a track, but I did, and it made me want to laugh and cry at the same time, now that is a wonderful thing.

If you love indie with all its twists and turns then What Happened In The Pink Room? will not disappoint, and like me you will find yourself playing a track again and again, hearing something new every time. A note to The Avenues, please travel south, we don’t bite, and we love indie too!


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