Review: Eastbourne’s Elephant Radio Release New Single – Raining – Due to be released 26th July 2019July 21, 2019

Elephant Radio are a pop rock outfit from Eastbourne, East Sussex. Having just returned to the studio their latest single is Raining due to be released on the 26th July 2019. With a massive following both locally and in the South East their new single has been waited for with anticipation and you won’t be disappointed.

Raining starts with a drum beat and lone indie guitar, in come the vocals and away the track goes. Freddie’s unique vocal style makes your ears prick up and listen as the drums and guitar melt the backdrop. Freddie has a way with lyrics, says it as it is and delivered with an understated blasé panache. Awesome.

The chorus has Elephant Radio all over it. Full of the upbeat style fans love to dance to, with an anthem sound that resonates. Guitars strike indie pop riffs and the drums push the momentum with perfection. Elephant Radio hit a mix of indie pop musicality with vocals that stick in your ears.

Raining moves to a different level brining a rock feel to the fore, vocals and harmonies melting the bridge between rock and indie pop. What a sound. This is what I love about Elephant Radio. These guys give us all the best bits of indie pop, and we love them for it. Raining is no different. It’s a radio track, a live track and a playlist track what more can I say, Elephant Radio have created another addition to their back catalogue, that no doubt will become another anthem for their fans. Us included.

Elephant Radio has been gigging tirelessly in Eastbourne, Brighton and London with a secret gig last April that created a music hype and sold out. Elephant Radio are an awesome live band and have the audience held within their musical hands. Having seen them live myself they are one to watch. They are gigging in September with the awesome Mallory Knox and TDK at the Blackmarket VIP in Hastings, book your tickets now! We have!


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