The Premium Blend Radio Show coming live on 95.9 Hailsham FM every Tuesday night from 7pm till 9pm.

A fast paced, lively show with a fantastic musician in the studio every week to sing live and take a few questions. Tracks from local bands in the East Sussex area along with new music from unsigned and emerging artists. A DJ guest spot with their 20 Minute Mix to give this show a ‘Premium Blend’ of music and listening pleasure. Coming live and exclusively to Hailsham FM every Tuesday evening, it’s what your Tuesdays have been waiting for.

Moving to Thursday 8pm to 10pm as per the 3rd October 2019 – New Day. New Time. New Show?

A little place for frequently asked questions:

1. How can I send you music?

You can send your music over in a few different ways. You can send it via this website on the ‘Contact’ page with an upload function and a link to Wetransfer.com or you can send you track directly via email to Submissions@ThePremiumBlendRadioShow.co.uk

2. What type of files do you accept?

We’re just happy you want to send your fantastic track over so we’re happy to accept MP3 or WAV. We’re also happy to accept tracks via a downloadable link (Dropbox, Google Drive, Soundcloud Etc)

3. What sort of DJ Mix can i send over?

Any type of genre, that’s totally up to you. We only ask that there is no swearing or obscenities. Does that sound fair?

4. How long can the mix be?

The minimum is 20 minutes but we do love an hour long mix.

5. How do we get a live session?

Great question! Just ask!

6. What types/genres of music do you play?

If we love the track, we play the track.