Weekly Show Details

The Premium Blend Radio Show coming live on 95.9 Hailsham FM every Tuesday night from 7pm till 9pm.

A fast paced, lively show with a fantastic musician in the studio every week to sing live and take a few questions. Tracks from local bands in the East Sussex area along with new music from unsigned and emerging artists. A DJ guest spot with their 20 Minute Mix to give this show a ‘Premium Blend’ of music and listening pleasure. Coming live and exclusively to Hailsham FM every Tuesday evening, it’s what your Tuesdays have been waiting for.

This week: 26th June 2018

Do you like your radio shows packed FULL of quality new music?

If you do, then you need to tune in to The Premium Blend Radio Show tonight as its packed to the brim!!!

We have the wonderful Chalk Horse Music LIVE on the show to play you some stunningly beautiful music.

The tracks this week come from Scarlet., Youth Killed It, LOVEBITES, MAYPINE, SpringHill UK, Eat Defeat, 40 Shillings On The Drum, Marcus Mandible, Donny Stax feat. Frenchie, The Isle Of CC, Jammer’s Waffle House, Elena Ramona, Freya Alley, Bisola, Say Anise, Sandtimer and John Andrews Music. I’m not sure how I can fit so many tracks in!!!

Its a house classics mix this week from Dj Stoneyp that’s guaranteed to get you bopping and a grooving, I know I will be around the studio!!!